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Caucus name: Congressional Caucus for Women's Issues
Region: Americas
Does the parliament have a caucus of women parlimentarians: Yes
Date of creation: 1977
Which chamber does the caucus relate to: Lower/Single chamber
What is the status of the caucus: Informal
How is the membership of the caucus constituted: Open to female MPs
Additional caucus constitution detail:
Are there rules governing the functioning of the caucus: Yes
Has the caucus dealt with gender issues: Yes
Detailed gender issues: Improving women's health (research and preventative priorities), addressing the needs of women in the military and women veterans, improving the status of women globally, with a recent focus on Afghan women.
Has the caucus dealt with family issues: Yes
Detailed family issues: Examining the impact of the recession on women and families, reducing maternal deaths in the developing world, restoring civil rights.
Has the caucus dealt with other issues: Yes
Detailed other issues:
Does the caucus have a strategic plan or plan of action: No
Does the caucus have a communication plan: No
Other pertinent information:

Additional information

Caucus contact details:

Ms/Mrs. Kristi Noem and Doris O. Matsui
2311 Rayburn House Office Building , Washington D.C. , USA
Tel.: (202) 225-2801 and (202) 225-7163

Caucus website: www.womenspolicy.org