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Caucus name: Colombian Congressional Women's Caucus - Bancada de Mujeres del Congreso de la República de Colombia
Region: Americas
Does the parliament have a caucus of women parlimentarians: Yes
Date of creation: 2006
Which chamber does the caucus relate to: Both chambers
What is the status of the caucus: Formal
How is the membership of the caucus constituted:
Additional caucus constitution detail:
Are there rules governing the functioning of the caucus: No information available
Has the caucus dealt with gender issues:
Detailed gender issues: The Colombian Congressional Women's Caucus supported legislation and policies that address violence against women. Of particular importance is Law 1257 of 2008, which significantly increased sanctions and sentencing for violence and discrimination against women. The Caucus also supported the Equal Pay Act (1496 of 2011) and Law 1475 of 2012 on quotas for political-party and electoral lists which addressed the issue of women’s participation in elected office.
Has the caucus dealt with family issues:
Detailed family issues:
Has the caucus dealt with other issues:
Detailed other issues:
Does the caucus have a strategic plan or plan of action: No information available
Does the caucus have a communication plan: No information available
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